Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sage's Peachtree Quantum Software Allows for Easier and Smoother Financial Management

The Peachtree Quantum 2013 software, now known as the Sage 50 Quantum, aids in the accounting and financial management tasks of businesses. It helps manage various parts of the financial cycle, such as expenses, inventory, insurance, and taxes. It also helps make the flow of work from management and employees to clients smoother. Furthermore, it provides tools for analysis and financial reporting to help meet obligations and reduce future costs. Handling these tasks can be a tricky business; why go through additional problems that may arise from traditional means? Software like Sage 50 Quantum from resellers like Quantum Buyers, LLC allows for financial accounting to be in one central system–which results in easier transactions with clients.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Sage Quantum Program Makes Business Life Easier than You've Always Known It

The Sage 50 Pro and Complete Accounting software packages contain features in standard accounting, such as the creation of ledgers, invoices, and financial statements, and in business management, such as inventory sheets, customer contact information history, and audit trail reporting. The Sage 50 Premium, meanwhile, is more fully equipped, with additional features like comparing yearly budgets, tracking and processing job orders, and advanced accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting tasks. These versions are available for purchase from Sage Peachtree Quantum resellers such as Quantum Buyers, LLC.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sage 50 Blackout Shows Reliance of Businesses on Peachtree Quantum Software

Accounting virtually went back to the dark ages when Sage's servers crashed for more than 24 hours, Gavin Clarke of The Register reported earlier this September. New and existing accounts that upgraded to the all-new Sage 50, formerly Peachtree Quantum, were left without an accounting suite and resorted to writing invoices and ledger entries by hand. The service was eventually restored, with the server crash attributed to the firm's database provider. Nevertheless, the so-called “blackout” showed something worth noting. Imagine doing business without a fast and efficient way of keeping track of what goes in and out of a company. Sage 50 customers were surely set back in this daily task when they were unable to register their new accounting software. To use most software, users need to verify their copy with a serial code before they can use a program fully. The blackout ruined any chances of them immediately doing so.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The New 2014 Sage 50 Quantum: Simple Made Even Simpler

Sage 50 has entered its second year under a brand new Sage line; so far, it's as strong as it had been during the days when it was known as Peachtree. The change in naming convention, which occurred in May 2012, is set to make the Sage brand even stronger, grouping all its products like one big happy family. Relatively speaking, Sage 50 is still the Peachtree small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have known and loved. Pedro Hernandez of Small Business Computing, however, says it's only better than ever. Peachtree was among the first products that revolutionized business software accounting for SMEs. While Sage is often associated with Peachtree, it didn't acquire the product until 1998; a small-time software publisher began development on Peachtree as early as 1978. But even with the name change, the reliability of the accounting software remains. The 2014 version of the former Sage Quantum, available now at Quantum Buyers, comes with everything older versions had and more.